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LR-PS-DL Pocket Spring Machine (Double Wire)
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LR-PS-DL Pocket Spring Machine (Double Wire)

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LR-PS-DL  Pocket Spring Machine(Double Layer)

Technical Characteristics

1. Providing inter grated double layer spring strings.

2.Auto lubricating system.

3.Conforming to CE standard.

4.Patented product.

5.Double layer mattress having gradual support to suit body curve.

6.Top layer and bottom layer are integrated welded,no need for glue.

7.With environmental friendly,stable and neat structure.

Technical Specification

Production capacity 120 pairs/min
Coiling head Two servo coiling heads
Working principle Servo control
Spring shape Standard versions:barrel and cylindrical
Air consumption Approx.45kw
Air pressure 0.6-0.7mpa
Power consumption in total Approx.45kw
Voltage 3 AC 380V
Frequency 50/60 HZ
Weight Approx.3800KG
Consumption Material Data
Fabric density 65~90g/m2
Fabric width 450-600mm
Inner dia.of fabric roll Min.60mm
Outer dia.of fabric roll Max.800mm
Inner dia.of wire roll Min.50%mm
Outer dia.of wire roll Max.0000mm
Acceptable weight of wire roll Max.0000KG
Reference range(mm)

Wire dia. Spring dia. Minimum pocketed
height of one of the layers
Top & bottom layers overall
height inside Pockets
Option-00 Φ0.3-0.6 Φ42-52 60 080-230
Option-02 Φ0.5-2.0 Φ52-65 60 080-230
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