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SX-200s Automatic bonnell spring assembling machine
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SX-200s Automatic bonnell spring assembling machine

Bonnell spring coiling machine is part of the equipment to produce bonnell spring mattress units. It can produce 80 mattresses per 8 hours. It has servo motor and automatic lubrication system.

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SX-200s Automatic bonnell spring assembling machine

Product  Description

SX-200s Automatic bonnell spring assembling machine is manufactured with advanced  technology and is mainly used to complete the string combination of double cone  springs. It is an ideal equipment for producing mattress spring bed nets and  sofa cushions. The machine has high working efficiency, simple operation and  stable performance, and is a necessary equipment for spring mattress  manufacturers.

Technical Characteristics

1.Can be operated by one person efficiently.

2.Accepts variation of steel wire gauge, spring end ring, spring height and  produces spring units within a certain limitation.

3.Coils upper and lower springs together at same time automatically.

4.Helical wire is coiled, cut, and clamped at both ends automatically.

5. Spring rows can be set on the computer, and the spring units can be ejected  automatically when the number of set rows is achieved.

6.It  can be operated without an air compressor, and the automatic lubrication system  extends the life of the machine with minimal maintenance and replacement of  accessories.

7. can provide different specifications of fixture accessories according to  customer processing requirements

Technical Specification

Technical Data
Spring Type Bonnell
Capacity 80 Sheets /8 Hours(1800MM*2000MM)
Max Width 2M
Height Wire Gauge Φ1.3-Φ1.5MM (Option:Φ1.6MM)
Spring End Ring Φ1.8-Φ2.4MM
Jaws Spec 68MM Jaws Φ62-Φ68MM
78MM Jaws Φ65-Φ72MM
88MM Jaws Φ82-Φ88MM
92MM Jaws Φ75-Φ90MM
98MM Jaws Φ82-Φ95MM
Spring Height 70-190MM (Option:190-210MM)
Total Power 3KVA
Weight Net Approx: 990KG
Power Requirement 380V,3 Phase,50-60HZ(Option:415V-480V,220V)
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