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XDB-880 Automatic high speed bonnell spring production line
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XDB-880 Automatic high speed bonnell spring production line

Automatic Bonnell Spring Units Production Line, latest model for producing "Bonnell" type innerspring units. It can produce innerspring units directly from wire. Firstly the steel wire is coiled to a spring, and then transferred and inserted to the assembler by the automatic feeding system. After this, the upper and lower springs are coiled together at the same time and helical wire is coiled, cut and clamped at both ends automatically. When a unit is finished, it could be ejected automatically!
  • XDB-880
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XDB-880 Automatic bonnell spring transfer line

Product Description

XDB-880 Automatic spring bed core production line Bonnell Springs with Φ2.2 steel wire,5 turns and Φ86 were produced to a innerspring unit with the sizes 90 * 190mm. ln a 8 hours shift XDB-880 produces about 190 innerspring uits for the sizes single bed(90 * 190mm,8 * 23 springs)and about 120 innerspring units for double bed(140 * 190mm,13 * 23 springs)

Technical Characteristics

1.Fully - Computerized coiler,digital Adjustment

2.Various specificiation of coils available in PLC for production

3.Quality products with stable performance

4.Advanced system with operation easily and conveniently

5.Space between coils adjusted accurately and flexibly by Servo Motor

6.High grade protection with hommization design

7.Artustuc design enriching workshop environment

Technical Specification

Technical Data
Spring Type Bonnell
Capacity 43200 Picces /8 Hours(1800MM*2000MM)
Spring Wire Diameter 1.9mm - 2.4mm
Spiral Wire Diameter 1.30mm - 1.50mm
Spring Outside Dimaeter Φ65-Φ92MM
Center Coil Outside Diameter Φ32-Φ55MM
Spring Height 80-190mm
4 turns(ring) 80 - 120mm
5 turns(ring) 120 - 150mm
6 turns(ring) 140 - 190mm
Standard:5 turns(ring)
Working Width 2000mm
Performance 90pcs./ min. 38400pcs. / 8 hours
Working Temperature 0 - 40°C
Wire Basket Capacity ≥ 1000kg
Area of use 800 * 800cm
weight 5000kg
Power Requirements Three Phase 380V,Single Phase 220V 50 - 60hz,lnput Fuse 63A,Cable 4 * 4mm
Power Consumption 18KW


0086 - 020 - 26275665
0086 - 020 - 26292923

133 8000 1060

0086 - 020 - 26276079

86-133 8000 1060

133 8000 1060