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HY-QG-6 Computerized Panel Cutter Machine
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HY-QG-6 Computerized Panel Cutter Machine

  • HY-QG-6
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HY-QG-6  Computerized Panel Cutter Machine

Product Description

It is used to crosscut, slitting and edge trimming the quilted fabric, and usually works in tandem with the quilting machine and rolling device ,but it can also run alone .

Technical Characteristics

1.7 Panasonic touch screen, large screen for ease of operation

2. CE certificate for all the electrical parts used (guarantees the long life of the machine)

3. Hidden slitting blades are more convenient and safer

4. Electric controls for length and width of cross cut which make operations more human

5. Feed-in top with article points for pressure roller . The pressure will be even ,and feeding will be leveling off. The slitting cut will be more smooth ,especially for the edge trimming of thinner material

6. Y-dimension with encoder for counting length. It can cut materials length more than 30mm.

7. Use the conveyor belt mechanical discharge .It will be convenient to fold material and save artificial .

8. Fabricated steel frame machine, advanced design for precise cross and length cutting with high efficiency.

Technical Specification

Model HY-QG-6

Edge trim 

 The Max.X dimension  


 The Min.X dimension 



 The Max.X dimension   2600
 The Min.X dimension  60

Edge trim

 The Max.X dimension  2250
 The Min.X dimension  300

Machine dimension (L*W*H) 




Operating air preasure 



10 (M/Min)

Power supply 

380V/50HZ  220V/60HZ


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