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You are here: Home » News » Industry News » How does a mattress packaging machine form a fully automatic mattress packaging line?

How does a mattress packaging machine form a fully automatic mattress packaging line?

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How does a mattress packaging machine form a fully automatic mattress packaging line?

Whether it is a spring mattress or a foam mattress, the final packaging work needs to be completed during the production cycle. The fully automatic mattress packaging line is a fully automatic mattress packaging line composed of a batch of mattress packaging machines, which can realize the fully automatic integration of the entire packaging process, from the transportation, compression, double folding and then rolling of the mattress. Automatically controlled by computer. The automatic mattress packaging line consists of a four-part mattress packaging machine, each of which can be used separately. If used in combination, it will greatly improve the efficiency of mattress packaging. The following four types of mattress packaging machines will be introduced in detail.

Four mattress packaging machines that make up a fully automatic mattress packaging line:

Automatic mattress compressor

Corner conveyor

Fully Automatic Mattress Folding and Rotating Machine

Automatic mattress roll wrapping machine

Automatic mattress compressor

The automatic mattress compressor is a mattress packaging machine that undertakes the function of mattress compression. The mattress packaging machine uses a whole roll of PE film, which eliminates the need to customize film bags according to the specifications of each mattress, which helps manufacturers save materials. In addition, the fully automatic mattress compressor can automatically sense the feeding of the mattress, compress and weld the four sides of the mattress. The whole process has realized a high degree of automation, effectively improving the production efficiency of the manufacturer, and through the welding with a water cooling system. Ensure that the weld is beautiful and firm, and improve the quality of the mattress.

Corner conveyor

The biggest function of the corner conveyor is as a transportation machine for mattress packaging, and it is an auxiliary machine in the mattress packaging machine. A good corner conveyor can realize double selection, either directly sending the manufactured mattress to the roll package, or the computer chooses to send it to the second press package.

Fully Automatic Mattress Folding and Rotating Machine

The automatic mattress half-folding and rotating machine is a packaging machine used to fold the mattress. When packing the mattress, the mattress manufacturer can choose the width or length of the mattress to fold it in half through the computer, which can save space and transportation costs to a greater extent.

Automatic mattress roll wrapping machine

Automatic mattress roll wrapping machine is the most used mattress wrapping machine for domestic mattress manufacturers. After the mattress is compressed by the mattress compressor, it is rolled into a cylindrical shape by a single-axis winding machine. Automatic mattress roll wrapping machine is mainly used for automatic wrapping and heat sealing of mattress packaging film. The entire packaging process realizes automatic control, high production efficiency, convenient use, and greatly reduces labor costs. It is necessary equipment for the production of mattresses.

The fully automated mattress packaging production line composed of fully automated mattress packaging machines can ultimately save manpower and improve efficiency. It is the best choice for mattress and sponge manufacturers to realize fully automated unmanned chemical factories. The packed mattress greatly reduces the necessary storage space, which saves transportation costs and is convenient for customers to carry.


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