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You are here: Home » News » Industry News » How to choose the right mattress packaging machine?

How to choose the right mattress packaging machine?

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-11-04      Origin: Site


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How to choose the right mattress packaging machine?

Mattress manufacturers need to use mattress packaging machines to transport mattresses. The mattress packaging machine can not only help protect the mattress that has just been produced in the most perfect state, but also save us the space cost and transportation cost of transporting the mattress. However, there are many types of mattress packaging machines on the market, and there are many things to pay attention to when choosing them. This article mainly introduces the criteria for choosing a suitable mattress packaging machine, hoping to give some help to mattress manufacturers.

Here are some criteria for choosing a suitable mattress packaging machine:

Fully automated

Automatically adapt to the size of the mattress, high flexibility

Easy to install and operate, easy to maintain

Fully automated

The mattress packaging machine needs to fully automate the entire packaging process as much as possible. The entrance has a mattress automatic placement and centering function to ensure that the mattress will not deviate and cause welding damage to the mattress. The mattress packaging machine can help the feeding of the mattress to be pushed by the robot. The heavy and light mattresses can be delivered to the place every time, and the quality of the mattress can be guaranteed to the greatest extent.

Automatically adapt to the size of the mattress, high flexibility

Mattress manufacturers need to produce mattresses of different sizes, so mattress packaging machines are required to have a high degree of flexibility and changeability. It is best for the mattress packaging machine to ensure that the required film in the width direction automatically adapts to the size of the mattress, and the weld in the length direction of the mattress can be automatically adjusted according to the actual length of the mattress after compression, thereby greatly saving packaging materials. Excellent mattress packaging machines can design outlets of different sizes according to the different requirements of customers to adapt to the roll packs of foam mattresses of different densities and thicknesses, to meet the needs of various types of mattress manufacturers.

Easy to install and operate, easy to maintain

The main function of the automatic mattress packaging machine is to pack foam mattresses by rolling and pressing. After rolling, it can maximize the savings in transportation and inventory costs. In addition, this is also the most effective means to reduce labor costs and facilitate the operation of workers. The most suitable automatic mattress packaging machine for manufacturers must be simple to operate. The automatic mattress packaging machine has a compact structure and is easy to install and maintain. Just put the mattress and bag, the automatic mattress packaging machine can automatically complete the operation.

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