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You are here: Home » News » Industry News » What machines are needed for the mattress production line?

What machines are needed for the mattress production line?

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-10-01      Origin: Site


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What machines are needed for the mattress production line?

Modern people’s requirements for quality of life are gradually increasing, and food, clothing, housing, etc. are carefully selected in their lives, striving for exquisiteness. In response to the needs of consumers, the current mattress production is paying more and more attention to innovation and quality to achieve the highest quality sleep, followed by the improvement of mattress production machinery. The production of mattresses is usually carried out in a factory, processing a complete set of mattress products, requiring systematic production equipment, including universal machines and sewing machines. Surrounding machines, etc., eventually form a mattress production line. This requires a large cost investment by the producer. According to the production needs of mattress manufacturers, it is the ultimate pursuit of machinery manufacturers to provide targeted, best-quality and least-cost mattress production equipment to form a mattress production line. For different types of mattresses, there are differentiated production lines. This article takes foam-made mattresses as an example to introduce the general composition of the mattress production line.

The following are the machines that make up the foam mattress production line:

Sponge compressor

Automatic mattress packaging machine

Mattress Edge Machine

Sponge compressor

In 2014, the sponge era home with high-quality memory foam and environmentally friendly sponge as the main raw materials and mattresses and soft sofas as its core products were born in Shenzhen. Various high-quality sponges have become raw materials for businesses to make sponge mattresses. In this case, the sponge compressor in the foam mattress production line is usually used to solve the problem of handling the whole foam sponge and realize the integrated packaging of large foam sponge compression rolls. Through the sponge compressor, the sponge packaging machine automatically film packaging, so that the sponge for making the mattress becomes a net, which is not easy to burst.

Automatic mattress packaging machine

The automatic mattress packaging machine has a beautiful structure, simple operation and convenient maintenance. Good packaging can reduce the cost and convenience of mattress transportation. This also facilitates the delivery of the mattress to the end user and changes the traditional way of external mattress rotation. Therefore, it is also an indispensable part of the mattress production line and is well received by the masses. The automatic mattress packing machine can pack the mattress in 35 seconds. With simple operation, the mattress can be operated automatically, and workers can learn to turn on the machine within five minutes.

Mattress Edge Machine

Traditionally, the rim of the mattress is generally handled manually by the worker. Therefore, for the workers at that time, how to master the skills of the corner of the mattress is very important to hold the side band and the fabric strength. Workers must have sufficient strength and 100,000 points of meticulousness. Nowadays, the mattress production line can complete the fully automated production of mattresses. Therefore, some people have invented the mattress bordering machine. The springs made by the high-quality mattress bordering machine are firm and three-dimensional, and the production efficiency and speed are much better than manual.

Although the foam mattress production line has its own unique components, most of the mattress production lines are actually similar, with many similar equipment components. Our company's vision is to become a first-class automation company in the industry, driven by technological innovation, forging ahead, pursuing excellence, and achieving customer success. All my colleagues in our company will strive to produce professional mattress production equipment with first-class innovative products, and provide customers with automated mattress production lines and other solutions.


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