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XB-0906F Mattress Embroidery Machine
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XB-0906F Mattress Embroidery Machine

model: XB-0906F
product name: Mattress Embroidery Machine
Application: Mattress
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Certificate: ISO9001: 2000
Minimum order quantity: 1 set
Price terms: FOB, C&F, CIF (optional)
Payment method: letter of credit wire transfer
Packaging details: film packaging/wooden box
Delivery time: 15~30 working days

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XB-0906F Mattress Logo Computerized Embroidery Machine

Product Description

Memory capacity 16,000,000 stitches.Pattern editing: copy, split, delete and merge functions.Personalized design of Start and Stop button. Internet with computer makes the design transfer more convenient and faster. Module design of the transmission box ensures stable driving and convenient maintenance.Multiple noise reduction developments help create a quiet and pleasant working environment.

Technical Characteristics

1. The overall beam frame with better rigidity makes embroidery vibration smaller;

2. The maximum speed is 850rpm; spindle: servo motor;

3. Card clothing range: 0.1-12.7mm stitch compensation range: 0.1-1.0mm;

4. Automatic thread trimming function; automatic color changing function;

5. LCD real-time embroidery progress display, standard: 5 inches;

6. USB interface, pattern input is faster and more reliable;

7. Rotating wheel light sensor automatic disconnection detection function;

8. Pattern preview function; pattern data memory function;

9. The maximum storage capacity of the machine reaches 16,000,000 needles;

10. Pattern editing: copy, split, delete and merge functions;

11. More user-friendly start-stop switch, automatic disconnection protection function;

12. The embroidery machine can be connected to the network, and the data transmission is more convenient;

13. Modular transmission box design, more stable transmission, more convenient maintenance;

14. Add multiple anti-noise structures, making embroidery safer.

Technical Specification



Head count 6
needle 9
Embroidery area X400y750mm
Computer control panel 5 inch display
Spindle motor servo motor
Embroidery frame drive Stepper motor or servo motor
Minimum head distance 6-pin 160mm, 9-pin 250mm, 12-pin 350mm
Maximum speed 1000 rpm
Cutting method Motor drive or electromagnet drive
weight 1500kg
power 1.6kw
power supply Single-phase, 220V/50HZ; 3-phase 380V/50HZ

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