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XDB-AMC Auto Mattress Compressing Machine
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XDB-AMC Auto Mattress Compressing Machine

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XDB-AMC  Auto Mattress Compressing Machine

Product Description

Auto Mattress  Compressing Machine, automatic operation, high efficiency, welding with water  cooling system to ensure the weld seam is  beautiful and solid;Use the whole roll PE film, save material  costs;This machine can choose two ways of packing way: compress or just packing  without compress.
 The Two-Side Cutting  Film Device is optional.

Technical Characteristics

1.Complete automation  packing process, entrance with mattress automatic centering function, ensure  that mattress do not slip and lead to welding injuries to mattress; Through the  machine arm to feed in the mattress, it can make sure the heavy or light  mattress push into the right position. 

2.The required film of  width direction automatically adapts to mattress size, the welding of mattress  length direction can be adjusted automatically according to the actual length  of the compressed mattress, greatly saving packaging materials.

3. The compressed mattress can choose to secondary compress  packing into big package, or connect the Mattress Roll Packing Machine to roll  packing the mattress.

Technical Specifications

model XDB-AMC
Machine Size L8000xW3600xH3200mm
Suitable Packing Material PE Film,PVC Film
Thickness of packaging film 0.06~0.10mm
Maximum width of packing film 2650mm
Applicable packing type of mattress Pocket spring matress, Spring    mattress,Sponge mattress
Length of packing mayess 2100mm
Width of packing mattress 2100mm
Height of packing mattress 430mm
Speed 35S/1pc
Voltage 3Phase AC380V(customized)
Air supply 0.6~0.8MPa
Total power 17kw
Weight 10000kg
Pressure 60T

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