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  • We know nothing because it is the first time of us to produce mattress.(mattress producing process chart)

    1: At present, mattress industry is a prosperous industry. Mattress consumption achieved 50000 million all over the world in 2017. You do a sensible choice. We are the first batch enterprises of one of producing mattress machinery in China. After 20-year development, we help some famous brands like Puffy offer perfect mattress machinery producing line projects and help they have a steady development. Therefore, we will make a proper plan for your company according to your request.
    2: We can recommend proper machine for you according to your budget. After you buying our equipment, our technicians will help you install machine, have a training and guide you mattress producing technique.
    3:Please tell me your budget and output plan, and then we will make whole set project for you.  
  • How about your after-sale serve?

    1: After installing our machine, we will offer one year warranty and lifetime maintenance.
    2: After clients buying our machines, our company can dispatch our technician to install the machines and have a training. Clients needn’t to pay any other serve cost but the fee of technician's visa, air ticket, food and accommodation. Our after-sale serve is lifelong. If there is any problem of your equipment in the later time, our customer service and technician will help you to solve problems.
  • Comparing with other companies' products, what's your advantage of your products? Why your products are more expensive than other companies’ ?

    1: Our machine lr-ps-ov, enumerate the advantages... spring output are 120 sets per minute. The machine that you say, which is the same as our product, but the output are 70 sets per minute. Therefore, the price is different.
    2: Asking factory according to the specific equipment. For example, our sewing machine. Let He Kai sorts the advantages of our products.
    3: Salesmen make a data comparison according to the different machine and then reply to clients.
  • We want to build a factory and the level of automation is high. Could you please offer some program and measure the area of workshop?

    1: We are the professional manufacturer of smart automatic mattress machine. What's your annual program of mattress? It is bonnell or superlastic? This our design plan of annual output of 50000 mattress before. It is just for reference. And we also pleased that if you any special requirement. Please write a letter of intent purchasing.
    2: Yes. You should provide your workshop drawing and investment budget.
    3: Absolutely. Please offer your size of workshop(length*width*height). Could you offer graphic model? How much is your budget?
  • What’s the using method of machine?

    1: We will provide easy-understanding and easy-operating machines, using specification and videos for you. We will arrange remote and field operation training of the machine. We promise that we will teach our clients until they can master the operation of machine.
    2: We will give clients installing instruction and accessories drawing when we pack up the machines.
    3: We will provide installing instruction, operating video and accessories drawing. And then we will arrange our technician to install and train. 
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