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SX-80IS High Speed Computerized Bonnell Spring Coiling Machine
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SX-80IS High Speed Computerized Bonnell Spring Coiling Machine

Bonnell spring coiling machine is used to make bonnell spring units capacity up to 80pcs/minutes. It is neccessary machine to make bonnell spring mattress. It has B&R touch screen and PLC control. It it the most popular bonnell machine for mattress manufacturers.
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SX-80IS High Speed Bonnell Spring Coiling Machine

Product Description

SX-80IS High Speed Bonnell Spring Coiling Machine produces Bonnell springs for mattress  at speeds of 80 pcs/min. In a single cycle, the wire is coiled to a spring,  knotted at both ends, heat treated and to be collected to an outlet channel.  The coiner utilizes a fully integrated computerized Programmable Logic Controller  (PLC) and Servo control system, also with two CPU and high sensitive touch  screen to reach remote-control support. All machine functions including wire  feeding length, heat treatment, lubrication and self-protecting are  automatically controlled.

Technical Characteristics

1. The machine  works with servo motor, the machine runs stably and the work efficiency is  high.

2. High-precision  carbide parts can ensure stable operation of the machine for a long time.

3. The advanced  automatic lubrication system extends the service life of the machine and  effectively prevents mechanical wear.

4. The soundproof  protective cover can effectively reduce the noise of the machine operation and  prevent safety accidents.

5. It can  automatically stop when there is a fault, and the fault information appears on  the display screen, which is convenient and easy to solve.

6. no compressed  air, stable mechanical performance, high efficiency.

7. The spring  specification can be quickly converted. It is not necessary to adjust the cam  to meet the production of springs with different specifications. The operation  and debugging of the machine is very simple.

8,High capacity  with minimum space requirements - up to 80 Bonnell Springs / 8 hours.

Technical Specification

Technical Data
Model SX-80IS
Spring Type Bonnell
Capacity 80 PCS/ MIN
Spring End Ring Φ62-Φ95MM
Steel Wire Gauge Φ1.8-Φ2.4MM(<2.0MM on request)
Spring Height 70-190MM (Option:190-210MM)
Convolutions 4-7 Turns
Main Drive Power 4KVA 4KVA
Swift Frame Power 2.2 KVA
Heat Treatment 10 KVA
Weight Net Approx: 2730KG
Power Requirement 380V,3 Phase,50-60HZ(Option:415V-480V,,220V)


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