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CNC Foam cutting machine (Cycle (single Vertical) knife)
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CNC Foam cutting machine (Cycle (single Vertical) knife)



CNC Cycle (single Vertical) knife  Cutting Machine

Technical characteristics

1.Holding down system  for fixing the block 

2.Utilization of a  micro-toothed knife avoids regrinding and guarantees a constant cutting quality

3.Automatic version of  the horizontal contour cutting machine with automatic turntable and Transport  conveyors for loading and unloading

4.Bulk production of  cushion parts made from PUR soft foam, visco or latex in no time

Technical Specification

Machine name CNC Oscillating Blade sponge cutting    machine
Machine weight(T) 3.5
Total power (KW) 10kw
Machine Dimensions (mm) 5000*4000*2800
Maximum cutting size(mm) 2500*2200*1100
Tool Size (mm) 13000*3*0.6
Cutting speed(m/min) 0~60
Accuracy(mm) ±0.5
Minimum cutting radius(mm) 10
AC power Supply 220V 380V 415V 50/60HZ
Compressed air Supply 6 bar pressure
Industrial computer 810 E industrial machine
Xidengbao software Standard
Knife button Has been installed
Self-diagnostic status Has been installed
Knife alarm Has been set

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