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HY-W-SJS Computerized Chain Stitch Multi-needle Quilting Machine(High Speed)
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HY-W-SJS Computerized Chain Stitch Multi-needle Quilting Machine(High Speed)

With latest patented fuction “moving needle plate” HY-W-SJS high speed computerized chain stitching quilting machine can make more elegant quilting patterns. It can stop automatically in case of thread break and has automatic needle lifting and speed adjustment.
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HY-W-SJS Computerized Chain Stitch Multi-needle Quilting Machine(High Speed)

Products Description

It is widely used for quilting high-quality mattresses, household ornaments,and carpet cushions, etc. The machine high running speed, low vibration, easy to operation, the high quilting precision , and the production speed is fast.

Technical Characteristics

1.New type retainer frame structure,with the  advantages of low noise;

2.Optimized the mechanical structure make the higher  speed and more production;

3.More tight thread stitches make the quilting  pattern with stronger third dimension;

4.Needle bar and press plate are controlled by a  double-swinging device with out cam avoiding lubrication and dirtying of  material;

5. Multi-span and independent patterns(360°and 180°patterns are available)

6.Automatic stop motion control in case the top  thread or the bottom thread breaks,automatic needle-lifting and CNC speed  adjustment;

7.   CE certification;

8. Outstanding features such as high rigidity,high  running speed,low vibration and noise;

9.New edition of CNC control system,high precision  of quilting,no need to adjust the press plate' s position when the  thickness of quilting material varies;

10.   CAD drawing method to ensure the  precision of pattern and facilitate the operation;

11.  Strong functions of pattern-combining and multi-span quilting to  enable you to quilt different patterns in each row in the mattresses of  different sizes;

12.  Fault detection function for ease of  determining the running state of the machine at any given time;

Technical Specification

Model HY-W-SJS
Dimension(L*W*H) 4700*1150*2050mm
Quilting width 2550mm
Space between needles 25.4mm
X-axis movement displacement 350mm
Thickness of quilting ≤80(for all    patterns)
Stitch length 3-8
Speed of operation 60-300(m/hour)
Model of needle 24/180 23/160 22/140 21/130
Quilting speed 600-1200(RPM)
Total power required 7KW
Voltage 380V/50HZ  220V/60HZ
Gross weight 5000KG


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