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LR-PS-HF Automatic Pocket Spring Coiling Machine
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LR-PS-HF Automatic Pocket Spring Coiling Machine

Stenburg mattress machinery produces pocket spring coiling machine of capacity 70PCS/minute. It is the most economical pocket spring coiling machine for mattress manufacturers to make high class mattresses.

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LR-PS-HF Automatic Pocket Spring Coiling Machine

Product Description

LR-PS-HF Automatic Pocket Spring Coiling Machine is a mattress special equipment for producing back-sealed bagged springs. It can automatically complete the winding, heat treatment, conveying and bag forming of springs in one working cycle. Our company combines the experience of manufacturing bagged spring winding machines for many years to develop high performance, high efficiency and high stability models. This machine is a fully automatic device for making mattress furniture and sofa cushion springs.

Technical Characteristics

1.High cost performance, high stability, low failure rate, low scrap rate

2.Mechanical conveying is controlled by servo-level system

3.User-friendly fabric connection device improves work efficiency when changing fabrics

4.Movable heat treatment mechanism for springs of different heights

Technical Specification

Model LR-PS-HF
Production capacity 70 springs/min
Coiling head One cam coiling head
Working principle Servo control
Spring shape Barrel and cylindrical
Air consumption Approx.0.5m3/min
Air consumption 0.6-0.7mpa
Power requirements Approx.21kw
Voltage 3AC 380V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Input current 32A
Cable section 4*10mm2+1*6mm
Working temperature +5℃±35℃
Weight Approx.3200Kg
Consumption Material Data
Non-woven fabric
Fabric density 65-90g/m2
Fabric width 220-600mm
Inner dia. of fabric roll Min. 60mm
Outer dia. of fabric roll Max. 600mm
Steel wire
Wire diameter 1.6--2.3mm
Inner dia. of wire roll Min. 320mm
Outer dia. of wire roll Max. 1000mm
Acceptable weight of wire roll Max. 800kg
Working range(mm)
  Wire Diameter Spring Waist Diameter Pocket Spring Height
1 1.6-2.2 55-75 80-220
2 1.6-2.3 65-80 160-300
3 1.0-1.6 37-50 100-200
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