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XHQ-2200 CNC Loop Foam Cutting Machine
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XHQ-2200 CNC Loop Foam Cutting Machine

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XHQ-2200 CNC Loop Foam Cutting  Machine

Product Presentation

The machine is will foam cutting leaf like machine,  the high precision flat cutting machine, cutting machine, circular put up  composition and configure automatic coil device, cutting device,clamp sponge  device Loop foam cutting machine according to the foam properties can form arsing,seize  the characteristics, create improve production efficiency, sponge machinery,  electrical control is a virtual axis control four physical she aft ,rev.Stop synchronization  and synchronous speed closed-loop control, the conveyor belt and cutting  machine lift interpolation control principle, carries on the sponge closed loop  cutting(namely is infinite cutting sponge).

Technical Specification

Cutting    Size L:59-62m,W1-2.2m,H:1.3m
Cutting    Precision 2-10mm,±0.1-0.2m,11-30mm;±0.2mm
Cutting    Density Range 6kg/m³-40kg/m³
Cutting    speed 0-120m/min(Note:Different    foam,cutting
Horizontal    Cutter  Max    Cutting foam Size:W:2200mm,H:1300mm,Thickness:2-30mm
Rewinding    System Collection    Size:W1000-2300mm,Dia:φ1800mm
Clamping    System Width:1000-2300mm
Block    Cutter Cutting    width:1000-2300mm Width:1300mm
Trimming L:1000-2300mm    H:1300mm
Total    Power 80KW
Dimension L    :32M,W:6.2m,H:8.8m,(used conveyor belt+roller)
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