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XYP-60/73/100 Carrousel Cutting Machine
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XYP-60/73/100 Carrousel Cutting Machine

  • XYP-60/73/100
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XYP-60/73/100 Carrousel Cutting Machine

Product Presentation

This machine adopts the advanced imported controlled  techniques drive. This machine is mostly used for much quad rate foam once  flatly slicing. It's fully automatic controlled operation and the cutting is  better. Meanwhile our latest research to manufacture the huge carousel  splitting machine successfully, which the diameter 10.5 is the biggest in  current national. It can be continuously cutting the bigger quad rate foam of  W2.15*L4.5m. (This machine chooses with vacuum equipment's). 

Technical  Specification

Model XYP-60 XYP-73 XYP-100
Cutting foam size W1500*L2000*H1200MM(4PCS) W1500*L2000*H1200MM(6PCS) W1500*20008H1200(9PCS)
Max cutting foam size W1500*L2000*H1200MM(4PCS) W2150*L3000*H1200MM(3PCS) W2150*L4500*H1200MM(3PCS)
Cutting thickness 2-150mm 2-150mm 2-150mm
Worktable turning speed 0-3.5r/min 0-3.0r/min 0-2.0r/min
Blade length 8940mm 10000mm 10240mm
Work table diameter 6m 7.3m 10.5m
Total power 8.04KW 8.84KW 10.24KW
Machine weight 3300KG 3500KG 3800KG
Machine external size L6900xW6000xH2400mm L7900xW7000xH2400mm L11500xW11000xH2400mm
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